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Learn Financial Reporting with Power BI

Stop spending hours on financial reporting tasks and trying to passively learn complex data analytics tools  through generic online courses and videos

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Do you face these challenges working with finance data, processes and tools?

  • Repetitive and manual month-end/ad-hoc financial processes taking too long and being prone to errors?
  • Being bombarded with queries from the across the business as they don’t have the ability to self serve on the data?
  • Dealing with a growing volume of unclean and poorly structured financial data?

Many in the finance world are being asked to fit more work into a fixed number of hours, expected to “automate” processes using tools like Power BI and Copilot without being provided with the right guidance on how to actually do this.

Very few have the time and mental energy to even keep up with the pace of change of these tools, let alone to learn the fundamentals of how to apply concepts such as DAX calculations and visual storytelling to financial data and complex financial structures.

At Power Platform Finance (PPF) we provide interactive e-learning (not just videos/articles!) covering the core concepts of financial reporting using Power BI and Microsoft Fabric, combined with:

  • Instructor-led training over an 8 week period, either on a small group or 1:1 basis for you to get personalised guidance as you work through the course.
  • A syllabus that’s built by a Chartered Accountant that’s uniquely tailored to working with financial data structures and common calculations.
  • A lifelong network through a community (which you can join now for free!) of Finance/BI professionals, many of whom have gone through the same struggles!
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Hear what others have to say

This course helped me understand the process of Capturing Requirements like User stories, a sample demo of customer interviews, and how to approach the designing of a data model from scratch. I found this part of the course invaluable since I didn't find this guidance in any other course, not even in a real work experience. Besides this, for In every module, there are a lot of interesting challenges the student needs to work on, quizzes based on the learning of each module, interactive scenarios to understand, “practicing the clicks” exercises...

Kalyan BuddhaKalyan BuddhaExperienced SQL BI Developer

This course differentiates itself from the other course because it is designed to help those using Power BI for financial reporting. The tools, templates and techniques provided, help you balance the business understanding with the data understanding from the outset, setting you up to deliver meaningful insights, with high levels of automation. The course content reflects the skills, knowledge and experience Rishi has gained as a qualified accountant, Microsoft Valued Professional and Group Manager at Avanade and I highly recommend it...

Michelle SantokieMichelle SantokieAdvisory, Performance Improvement, Data Science, Analytics

Rishi is a consummate professional who has a wealth of knowledge around PowerBI and it’s applications. One great thing about this course is the understanding and recording of client requirements. Furthermore, I often over-look the recording of client data sources and how they will be used and transformed to meet requirements. These two stages / modules where we learnt about capturing client requirements and incumbent data sources were invaluable to helping me improve my approach as a developer and offering...

Nikesh ValjiNikesh ValjiFounder LAX Financial Consulting

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Meet Your Instructor Rishi Sapra

Rishi Sapra
  • Rishi holds a first-class degree from the London School of Economics, an eMBA (Honors), and a Chartered Accountant designation.
  • His expertise is well-established with over 12 years in Big 4 consulting and Financial Services. Currently Rishi works as a Strategic Data & AI Project lead at Avanade, a Joint Venture between Accenture and Microsoft.
  • Rishi also runs the Learn Data Insights (LDI) community - - which focuses on assisting individuals in preparing for Microsoft exams through quizzes and e-learning courses including Microsoft Fabric.