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Next 8 Week Cohort starting 1st July 2024

Financial Reporting with Power BI Course

Embark on our 8-week course featuring self-paced, interactive e-learning and weekly live review sessions for optimal learning.

Explore the course content to learn key skills and topics covered. Read more about what you'll learn.

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The journey to powerful financial analytics!

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Start automating and streamlining your month end and other routine/ad-hoc financial processes!

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Key Skills you will learn

  • Financial Analysis:
    Analyse Financial Statements and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to identify trends, patterns and areas for improvement.
  • Storytelling with Data:
    Deliver actionable insights through data visualisations and providing sufficient context to allow your audience to evaluate performance.
  • Operational Excellence:
    Ensure that your solutions are mantainable and performant by automating updates with new data and limiting technical debt.
  • Data Governance and Security:
    Data Governance and Security:
    Implement technical controls in Power BI to ensure the appropriate level of access control with continuous monitoring and alterting!
  • Technical Skills:
    Everything from data cleaning and transforming – e.g. removing duplicates, handling missing values, and checking data quality – as well as data modelling, DAX and visualisation.
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Solution Report - What you will build during the course!

Why this is the best way to learn

  • It covers the full breadth of Power BI analytics
    Including everything from gathering requirements and writing DAX to building interactive financial statements that allow you to drill into individual transactions.
  • It future proofs your career
    The world of Generative AI needs data to be well modelled and enriched with finance logic - learn how to build rich semantic models that can be leveraged by Large Language Models including Microsoft Copilot.
  • It’s a proven syllabus and methodology
    Rishi has a track record of achieving results with Power BI/Fabric and is formally recognised by Microsoft for his technical community leadership and quality of training with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award. Also see the testimonials from previous learners on the Power Platform Finance website!
  • It’s the fastest way to learn
    It will take months if not years to passively consume even a fraction of the technical Power BI content on the internet and even then you will have only scratched the surface! This content is concise, interactive (not just videos/articles!) and focused on just what you need to know to get the most value of Power BI for financial reporting from a couple of hours effort per week.
  • It’s uniquely tailored to Financial analytics
    Many people spend hundreds of hours learning generic technical concepts and struggle to apply it to complex financial data that is nothing like the training examples! This course is built by a Chartered Accountant and uses real-life data and scenarios to make it directly relevant to your role and processes!
Take the first two modules for free as self-paced e-learning

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8 week Cohort Course

Normally £895

£695 . 00


During July/August
  • Weekly during July and August 2024
  • Only 20 spaces (2 cohorts) available!

1:1 Personal Training

Normally £150

£125 . 00


During July/August
  • OR £1,500 for 20 hours (full course access)
  • Only 3 spaces available!

Key Topics Covered

Capturing Requirements

Utilise the LDI Scoping template and Metrics Tracker to craft your data story, pinpoint vital metrics, and establish reporting goals. Ensure your reports align with your organisation's needs.

Data Model Design

Discover robust financial data modeling with Charts of Accounts, multi-currencies and hierarchies. Learn to structure your data with the right set of tables and relationships for insightful analysis.

Data Preparation

Harness the prowess of Power Query to cleanse, reshape, and refine financial data. Gain mastery in handling diverse data sources, cleaning and manipulating data into the required financial data structures.

Business Logic

Leverage DAX for creating logic including financial ratios, time intelligence and variance analysis. These are all esssential for building comprehensive financial analysis!

Financial Statements

Create formatted, dynamic Financial Statements in Power BI and Excel, complete with sub-totals, drill-through into the General Ledger, and support for dynamic number formats.

Storytelling with Data

Bring your data to life with Power BI using capabilities such as native/custom visuals (including waterfall charts!), cross-filtering, report tooltips, AI visuals and drill-through pages.

Take the first three modules for free as self-paced e-learning

Meet Your Instructor Rishi Sapra

Rishi Sapra
  • Rishi holds a first-class degree from the London School of Economics, an eMBA (Honors), and a Chartered Accountant designation.
  • His expertise is well-established with over 12 years in Big 4 consulting and Financial Services Currently Rishi works as a Group Manager at Avanade, a Joint Venture between Accenture and Microsoft.
  • Rishi is recognised by Microsoft as a technical community leader and holds the title of Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).
  • Rishi also runs the Learn Data Insights [LDI] community - - which focuses on assisting individuals in preparing for Microsoft exams through quizzes and e-learning courses including Microsoft Fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn through the free course modules vs the full course?Through taking the free course modules you will get visibility of the scope of the data/the solution and will gain a solid understanding of how to capture requirements for a reporting solution. Feedback from previous participants has highlighted that this is a critical skillset that is not often covered in other online courses.

The remining modules in the full course cover the rest of the skills outlined in the role profile – building an automated end-to-end reporting solution that delivers meaningful financial insights and tells the story with your finance data that your audience are looking for.

How does the full cohort-based course work?The cohort-based course is for a small group (8-12 participants) to work through the remining modules of the course over an 8-week period. The content will be covered through a mixture of self-paced e-learning and weekly review/office hour sessions with Rishi.  

In addition to the 1 hour for the live weekly review session, each participant is expected to complete 2-4 hours of self-paced e-learning each week and complete any steps in their own version of the Power BI files.

There will be two timeslots available each week for the review sessions which are proposed/decided with consensus and communicated to participants before the start of the course.

After completing the course, each participant will earn a certificate of recognition, and guidance in applying the concepts to their own data and processes.

Is the content available in different languages?No, currently the content is only in English (including video subtitles). Future iterations of the course can include multiple languages if there is demand for it!

Is there a certain level of Finance or Power BI knowledge/experience required to take this course?Whilst experience with both financial concepts and Power BI will be helpful, the course itself has little assumed knowledge and you will be guided through every step of the way!

It would be worth reviewing the content in the Resources section of this site to familiarise yourself with some of the Power BI concepts taught through the course.

Is the full course available as self-paced e-learning only (rather than instructor led)?We believe that the combination of e-learning and instructor led training as a cohort-based course is critical for really developing the skills required. There is plenty of content available for free/at a very low cost to learn Power BI though this is a different offering with a unique value proposition to accelerate your learning in a way that you can’t achieve by passively consuming content online.

Is this course also available privately for my team/company?Yes, we are able to offer the course exclusively for your team/company as either virtual on in-person depending on location, with additional options to customise the content or host it within your own Learning Management System (LMS).