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What is Power Platform Finance (PPF)?

Welcome to PPF! We're a network of over 800 enthusiasts who participate in learning and sharing knowledge, specifically around automating and streamlining financial processes/reporting with Power BI (as well as the wider Microsoft Fabric and Power Platform technologies)!

Since 2020, we have hosted dozens of webinars and events including an in-person conference in Central London (September 2022) and presentations/demonstrations by many of the leading experts in the industry!

Why I started the PPF community

Rishi Sapra, PPF Founder

Whilst I'm now firmly in the Microsoft technology space, my background is as a Chartered Accountant and I've worked in roles including Tax Technology Consulting at Deloitte, Financial (Product) control at HSBC, Finance Automation at Barclays and Financial Modelling at KPMG. 

I've experienced first hand the challenges with not just finding the time and mental energy to learn new technology, but also the presure to try and apply generic concepts I've learnt (mainly through online material/courses) to my specific processes and data.

I don't have a silver bullet to solve this pervasive challenge (especially with the pace of change of data analytics!). But as part of my technical community leadership - recognised by Microsoft through the MVP Award - I'm attempting to address it with a combination of engaging e-learning, individual/small group lessons and harnessing the power of the community. 

For the content to be directly applicable I believe the business context for the data analytics work needs to be embdded throughout. It should also be focused on specific roles/personas such as a Financial Reporting analyst who uses Power BI and Excel as their main tools of choice.

My vision for the PPF community is that I'm just here as a facilitator. The true knowledge comes from the "wisdom of the crowd", specifically the hundreds or thousands of Finance/BI professionals in the PPF community who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences freely with others! 

How to join the community

If that sounds like a community you'd like to be a part of then all you need to do is register your interest in the Financial Reporting with Power BI course featured on the homepage. There's no commitment to do the full course (this will only be for a select few anyway!). You'll likely gain some valuable learnings from the e-learning modules and you'll be automatically subscribed to the PPF newsletter (you can unsubscribe at any time!) to be kept up to date with new material/events and more ways to engage with the community including discussion forums and content contribution.

I'll also post as much material as I can on this site, including recordings from previous events, links to community resources and example finance datasets for you to practice on. 

I want to ensure that this community works in the best possible way for you so please let me know any feedback and thoughts. You can email me directly on!